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What am I supposed to do in order to place an order?

The process of placing an order is simple and not tedious as many have believed it to be. This is because we have an effective ordering system that facilitates quick submission of orders and consequently processing. Thus, you need to log in to our website CheapEssayMasters.com to access the order forms. The forms are written in simple language that is easy for you to understand and follow the instructions without necessarily being supported. After filling in the form, you submit it online a process that takes less than five minutes. However, should you require technical support, feel free to contact our customer care.

What are documents that I should have ready before making an order?

In order to effectively place an order there are personal details and information that you need to have ready with you. In this case you need to submit a copy of your national or student’s identity card. On the other hand you can hand in a copy of your passport especially if you are an alien student. In addition, we require that you provide a copy of the credit card as you will need to make the payment for the ordered work. Also, you need to provide a valid email address for delivery of the papers, your phone number and physical address. Here, you need to recheck the information you submit to us, since a slight mistake in email address and phone numbers can lead to ineffective processing of the order.

Do you accept cash and cheque payments for the essay papers?

Once you have placed an order in our company you need to settle the payment for the writer to start working on your paper. However, if you have ordered in bulk, we do accept payment in installments. However, we do not accept cash and cheque payment for security and efficiency purposes. Due to this we have in place a functional online payment system that is fully secure for your credit card. Hence you can use the PayPal, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express and visa card. Note that in case you have a different credit card from the ones listed here below, you can contact us for guidance.

At what time are the services available for me to place an order?

At CheapEssayMasters.com, we are available online 24/7 to attend and respond to your queries while processing the orders. Thus, you can place an order any time all round the clock. In the same way the deadline can be set within the twenty four hour timing as the writers are able to make the adjustment to suit the needs of the client. This is made possible by the fact that we have online services that are not limited by time and space. Thus we receive orders, process them, process the payments and deliver the complete papers online. This makes it possible for you to order and receive complete papers without having to make journeys to our company.

Will my essay paper be written by a qualified person?

Exactly! When you order essay papers in our company, we assign the work to a specific writer who is well prepared, specialized and experienced in the specific area of study. This depends on the topic and type of the paper you need written. This simply means that your essay gets handled by an expert hence giving the best that he/she has acquired through their experience and study in the field. However, they do so following the specifications you have provided to them.

Can I trust that the paper I will receive is original?

Definitely yes, you can be sure to get an original paper written to suit your specifications. Plagiarism is an unheard of terminology in our company as our writers are professional. Thus, they are grounded on the strong core values of the company of transparency and integrity. Also our elite writers are guided by the ethics and principles of academic writing to deliver on their work. In addition we have software that checks for plagiarism in every single complete paper ready to be wired to our customers. This is why we are very confident in assuring our customers that plagiarism should not be a fear for them as they order papers in our company.

How will I receive the ordered paper?

When you are placing an order in our company, we require that you provide valid email address. This is to facilitate for delivery of the paper once it is complete. We normally insist that you verify the information you provide to us since an invalid email address can ruin the delivery process. Before wiring the document to you the writer will always call you through your phone number or live chat line to inform you that they are sending the work to you. This is normally done within the deadline agreed upon.

Will I have access to the writer during the time my paper will be written?

Yes, as a company we take this as an exclusive right for our customers. Once you have placed an order with us, we enter into an agreement which requires a relationship build through constant communication. In this case, the writer maintains constant communication with you during the time of assignment. This facilitates for clarifications if need be and constant updates on the progress of the assignment. At CheapEssayMasters.com you will always get writers who have good communication skills to keep you posted.