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If you are paying someone to write your essay for you, it is sometimes hard to trust. You may end up asking the following questions:

Who will write my paper?

Will I be satisfied with the outcome?

Will the writer meet my deadline?

Will I regret delegating my assignment to someone I do not personally know?

These questions are very common especially if you still have not found a reliable essay writing service company. This will never be the case with us. Here at CheapEssayMasters.com, we can assure you that we will ALWAYS provide you excellent essays.

With us, you are always the priority. Because of this, we want to let you feel safe everytime you order an essay from us. This is the main reason why we have a money back guarantee program.

All our writers are committed to bringing you the best. In fact, we have 95% customer satisfaction. As a token of gratitude for entrusting your assignment to us, you can expect a refund within 4 to 5 days after filing your complaint.


  • You can expect refund 4 to 5 days after filing a complaint.
  • You can expect a full refund if the writer has not started writing your essay.
  • You can expect half refund if half or less of the deadline period has passed.
  • You can expect a refund if you found a plagiarized part in your essay.
  • Refunds are only given after you have proven that the writer has not followed all your initial instructions.
  • In case you did not intend to order, but did as a mistake, you have the responsibility to contact us. Refund policy procedure will be followed in this type of circumstance.
  • You can rest assured that all complaints will be reviewed fairly.
  • You can expect a full refund if you have been charged twice. However, we will not be liable if you did not let us know.
  • You should not expect a refund if you provided a different instruction set from the initial set you have given.
  • Just like what we have always mentioned, we only provide excellent articles. If you did not like the quality of our work, you can ask for revisions or partial refund.
  • It is important that you provide us good evidences of your claim if you are complaining. You can only file for disputes up to 14 days after receiving your paper.

For any clarification or query, you can always contact us. We are open 24/7/365.