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Revision Policy

Truth be told, it is very rare that we are asked to do a revision. This is mainly because of two important things:

First, we only provide excellent and professionally written essays. All our writers know how much we value customer satisfaction. Because of this, they treat every order as if it was their own assignment. You can always expect the best from us.

Second, we have some of the best writers in the country. In addition, we will only assign you to the writer who is an expert in the niche that you need. This is one of the things that sets us as apart from our competitors. We do not just assign orders without identifying the strengths of our talented writers. In case no writer is available to do your essay, we will always advise you beforehand. 

Guidelines of our revision policy

We can provide you free revisions under these conditions:

Our writer did not follow your initial instructions. If you do not want a revision, you can always refund, provided that, you meet our REFUND POLICY guidelines.
You need to contact us within 7 days after receiving your paper. If you failed to send us an e-mail or call our office, your complaint for revisions will not be honored. If you contact us through e-mail, you need to wait for the reply of confirmation. Without the confirmation from us, the 7-day free revision policy still stands. Rest assured that your complaint for revision will be reviewed fairly.
For longer essays/projects, you need to ask for revisions within 14 days from the day you have received your paper.
In order to avail free revision, your initial instructions should not differ from your revision instructions.
Even if it is highly unlikely, if you find any plagiarized part in your paper, we will revise the essay for you. If you do not want a revision, you can always refund your payment.
You need to meet all the terms and conditions we have set for our revision policy.

Again, our success depends on your satisfaction. We will always revise your essay for free as long as you meet the requirements and specifications.

We are looking forward to working with you.